Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Talanoa Mai

Talanoa mai. What does this mean? In Samoa these words mean - 'Talk to me'. This term is used when you are being invited to share you view or opinion.

In Talanoa Mai, we look forward to not only sharing our work but also inviting you to 'Talanoa Mai', talk to us and let us know what your ideas and opinions are on the various topics we will cover.

Talanoa Mai!


room16@greylynn, said...

Talofa lava Talanoa mai, using 21st century technology to share our thoughts is a fab way of passing our mother tongue through to the next generation. The topics you have posted are good for families to share at the dinner table or even at church with family and friends. A blessing in the works, and I will check out the TKI site to see what else you are doing Andrea.

(from one tala to another)

Mrs T said...

Oi talofa tama'ita'i!

Hi there Otalani, how lovely to have you visit talanoa mai.

I see Grey Lynn Primary have a group of tusitala's working very hard!

If you'd like you could join me and post here on Talanoa mai. You let me know if you're keen.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and leave a comment.

Malo lava, fa'amanuia atu le Atua i ou galuega fa'afaia'oga, ae maise si ou aiga.

Alofa tele
Talanoa Mai