Thursday, May 7, 2009

Time is up! Food in a day!

We have just completed a task that was set to be completed in approxiamately 50 minutes.  Some students are looking exhausted, some happy, some lost and some very frustrated.

We had to put together a presentation that would show what food we ate in a day with a conclusion or reflection on whether the food we ate was good for us according to the food pyramid.

Here's how the students felt about this task - having only 50 minutes to complete it.
-under pressure
-'got my brain working'

What did this task challenge to do?
-Get it completed!
-Focus on the rubric
-Pressure to get recording ourselves right
-Focus on the most important part of task - which WASN'T to make it pretty!
-making real attempts to finish
-challenged my mind

There's more to come!

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