Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tua brings comfort

I have no doubt that every Tua supporter would be very happy at this time. If you understand Samoan you would agree with me that the song which he made his entry to was perfect. Perfect in that it so right with the great tragedies we've had to face. It sang of Samoa and it's people - to not fear in that God is our protector. It sang of the many values that our parents install in us as we be respectful and caring. Values that any good parent would want their child to possess. A great choice David Tua! This seemed to only add to the calm look and manner in which David approached the ring. I have no doubt all Samoans who were watching this boxing match wanted David to win for a much bigger reason than beating Cameron. To win to bring - even if just a little joy and healing to Samoa's grief stricken people. I think and feel it did.
I wonder if the screening of this on a big screen in Samoa would have maybe brought some joy to our people at home in Samoa, just something to lift the morale...
I found it difficult to watch the adverts in between the boxing matches that advertised holidays in Fiji, showing beaches etc. My family felt a lack of sensitivity in light of the tsunami this week, but I suppose the world does not wait and business etc must continue.

God bless and keep those who are working tirelessly in Samoa and further to ensure the well being of individuals and of a nation. Ia fa'amafanafana atu le Atua i lenei taimi i si o tatou atunu'u peleina o Samoa.

Talanoa mai, o se tasi fo'i auala e mafai ai ona fesoasoani le tasi ile tasi.

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Russell Burt said...

Malo You Guys
I thought the song was lovely, the win outstanding and David's grace toward his opponent after defeating him, pleasing to see. I guess at this time as well as wishing to uphold the people of Samoa, I can't help also, thinking of the people of the Philipines, Indonesia, Cambodia and even small islands off the coast of Tonga.
May God bless all at this time