Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wake up G.I.

Wake up G.I. is an MTV using the song 'Wake up everybody' which is sung by the artist John Legend, Melanie Fiona and 'The Roots'. This version is a remake, the original artists were Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes - recorded back in 1975.

The song has a very strong message of waking up - becoming more conscious of how we can keep improving together. We love living in Glen Innes and thought this would be a good reminder of how everyone has a part to play.

'The world won't get no better, we gotta change it yeah...just you and me'.

Wake Up G.I. from KPE TV on Vimeo.

Year 5 & 6 Extension Group Manaiakalani Film Festival 2010. The extension group would love to read what you thought of their MTV. Talanoa mai!


rave said...

Hi Room 15
I loved the way you were singing and dancing too. I wish I did a moive like your guys one too. Your moive is cool because I live in GI too.

From Rave

Lizara Room8 said...

I loved your movie and your singing.
I liked it how you said' get out of bed'.

christian said...

Hi Wake Up GI
I really enjoyed watching your movie about liveing In GI

From Christian

Jalen Room 8 said...

Hi Wake up GI
I liked you singing. I liked your dancing too.

Leka said...

I really like your singing and your movie was very cool. From Leka

Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Extension group

I loved your movie and the song that you selected. It was so cool to see footage of G.I., Dr Chee and the G.I. police. Awesome job Gabriel and Selena. Memorable.

Isn't G.I. a great place to live!

Vaivasa said...

Hi 'Wake Up G.I group'
My name is Vaivasa, I really liked the way you were singing and dancing without any shyness.I live in G.I as well. HMMMMMM isn't G.I a graet place to live in?

By: Vaivasa

Mrs Tofa said...

What an awesome movie you all made. It was really exciting seeing Glen Innes. Fantastic and professional actors too. Keep it up.

Darius said...

Hi extension group

Your movie rocked I think it was one of the best movies. GI is one of the best places to be to!!

Keep the good work up.

Room Nineteen said...

My goodness... Is this where you have all been hiding. I have been leaving comments all over the neighbourhood and only just realised who 'Talanoa Mai' was. Your music video was the best way to kick off our fantastic film festival.
I was touched by the message and shots of the 'elderly' in our community. They are our Taonga (treasures)
You certainly showcased G.I to the world in a positive way and I believe it made alot of people in G.I (and beyond)'Wake up' and think. Arohanui Ms T x

Room 10@Pt England School said...

Amazing movie Extension kids! We loved how there were lots of different shots of people doing different things around our school and in our community. It made us all feel proud of where we're from! Gabriel and Selena did an amazing job lip syncing too. Well done Mrs Tele'a and crew.

Miss Lavakula and Room 10

Room 9 Glenbrae said...

Kiaora Wake up G.I Room 15,

We thought your movie was amazing!!!! We loved your idea about how we all have an important role to play as G.I residents. We also think your teacher is very, very clever!!!

Well Done!!!

kifi said...

Hi Room15

I liked the way you performed.How someone got to sing and one got to play somekind of instramint and at the end my rugby mates.Jordan and levi.

from kifi

Bradley said...

Hi Room 15
I like your singing because Its cool.

Puke said...

Dear Room 15

This film was really awesome I enjoyed this.The singers were brilliant I really like the voices.

Spx Room7 said...

Hey you really did wake up G.I

It's great that kids are trying to make a diffrence in the world, to try and make it a better place.

Well done Room 15., Hope to see more of your movies.

Justice, Saint Pius X, Rm7 yr 8

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

What an awesome movie! You guys are tops! My class really enjoyed watching your movie!

Mrs She and Room 7.

S said...

Hi. My name is Mitchell aged 9 and I go to Ellerslie School. This movie has great animation and a fantastic message. Well done guys.

Audrey said...

Hey this is a cool vid! It has a nice beat to it, I love the lyrics and how this was put together!

Thank you to Year 5 & 6 students of PT England primary FANTASTIC JOB!


Audrey said...

Hey this is a cool vid! It has a nice beat to it, I love the lyrics and how this was put together!

Thank you to Year 5 & 6 students of PT England primary FANTASTIC JOB!


Room16 said...

What an awesome movie you had made! Keep up the good work. I can't wait for next's years movie.

From Dante
Room 16

Room16 said...

HEY that was the best movie i ever
seen.I wish you both were in the movie next time in the film
festival.because your singing is
really cool and look,s real.did you
both have a great time makeing
that movie and are you both really singing in the movie also are you
going to be in it next year.Now it
is time for me to go.


Alexandria johnny

Quaid and Puke said...

Thank you so much for leaving us some feedback Talanoa mai!!!

From behalf of Stormbusters room 7

Ana and Ierei said...

Great movie guys, we liked the part when people were sitting on the high platforms. I like the song so much!One of our favorite's.

Great Job!

A'leina said...

That was awsome u rock good luck for the future yeah I really do want to wake up G.I that will be cool bye for now.

By A'Leina

Jaylee said...

Hey you guys and girls made a awesome music video i was so proud of yous my question to yous is how did you get the doctors and the parents to dance in slow mtion it was smooth keep up the awesome work.

Lavinia said...

Hi everyone

Wow what an awesome movie! I really enjoyed watching it at the big screen. Your presenters were awesome as well. I really loved it when your presenters asked who lives in G.I and a lot of people screamed(including me).

Keep up the good work and I hope to see more.

Lavinia(Saint Pius X School)

Teresa said...

Well done guys that was so cool. I like the song. That was so cool to watch and I thought it was cute when Justus cuddled his grandfather/grandmother

lee said...

hey PtEnglang loved your movie it was very good better keep up the very intestring movies.The song was from John
legend .Thank you.

Room 15 said...

Well Done team!!!! We all liked your movie and it was really active but most of all we liked the singing. WELL DONE!!!!!!!

Andrew said...

Hi Rom15 you guys rock my world.Everyday you wake me up like not being are sleep.!!!KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!WELL DONE GUYS.

Kenneth said...

ahhhh you are not even singing