Saturday, April 9, 2011

School TV now online

schooltv was born in 2001 because of the popularity of the Pt England School Network News (PENN,) our school wide television broadcast. Mr Burt, the principal of Pt England School, investigated a variety of options for broadcasting the exciting things that were going on at the school, and using community television turned out to be the most efficient and economic method for doing this.

schooltv became that public television programme. Produced by the staff and students of Pt England School, it went to air every Wednesday on Triangle Television and could be viewed across the city of Auckland and, in later years, the whole of New Zealand.

Pt England School funded this entirely and it has been a great way to share our learning with the people in our community.

And now schooltv has transformed into a web based broadcast; reaching not only our local school community, the city of Auckland, and all of New Zealand, but THE WHOLE WORLD - 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week.

Here's an example of what you will find on our school website, every episode is ready for you to view. Check out our very talented presenters and the fun learning we have going at Pt England School. This part of episode 6, shows our year 5 and 6 students sharing their autobiographies. They worked with Dr Helen Barrett and her daughter Erin on these projects. Thanks again for your help, we loved being taught by you Dr Barrett and Erin.

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