Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Manaiakalani Film Festival

This the year 5 and 6 extension group movie entry for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. It's about the joy and the positives of being able to smile in any situation. The song we used is called 'I smile' by the artist Kirk Franklin. Crusader and Brooklyn were our presenters on the day. Footage of them in action will be posted soon.


Room 9 @ Pt England School said...

Kia Ora Y5/6 Extension children,

It was great to see you all take part and contribute in the making of your film. Your graphics and animations were fantastic. Your movie definitely made me smile and I'm sure it made lots of other people smile too. You are awesome!

From Miss Lavakula

Te Roimata said...

Hey Y5/6 Extension
It was great movie about how people have to smile even though their down.

Toreka said...

Hi Year 5 and 6 extension,
I really, really loved your movie. It looks like you guys had heaps of fun making the movie. I really like how Isara gets in to it.

Nicely done!

Sosaia said...

Hello Y5/6 extension kids,

It was so great to see you guys preform in front of the whole school.I really liked your guys animations.Have you always been an extension in your whole life?.How many months did you made the movie?.I really liked it!!

From Sosaia

FalaFamz said...

What an awesome Clip!! You kids rock! Darius - the man ;)) You guys are the next generation and if this is the example you lead then the future is going to be awesome! God Bless you kids, and keep looking up, keep speaking out and keep smiling!! Bless ya's
The Falanitama Clan x

Raeleen said...

Hi year 5 and 6 Extension group I really like your lip singing it was really cool,and you just made it look like the real clip of it but by pt England school I loves it so much

Mrs Sigamoney said...

Great movie guys. You made us all smile.Loved your movie.

Shaye said...

Kia Ora Yr5/6 Extension children of Pt. England

I was delighted to watch your Manaiakalani movie at Hoyts cinema. The presenter's of the movie made me intrested so I tried it out my self and when you do lift the two sides of your mouth you do smile and what a great feeling you get. I thought your movie was well thought out and the lip synking singers all had smiles on their face, the best part of your movie to me was that you were all you were getting into it and smiling not only were they smiling but everyone around me was smiling too!! I would love to see some more of your movies or post's on your blog(s).

Amazing movie!!

Tatiana said...

Hey guys,

I really liked your fellows movie. It was really inspiring. Also, I really loved the background. Keep up the great work guys.

Nathaniel said...

I really love the way you used the animations and yes it did make me smile. How long did it take to make the movie? and tell Wyatt i said hi

by Nathaniel

Athena Vili said...

Hi year 5 & 6 Extension,
I really liked your movie, I though it was really interesting and realistic of how you made it. keep up the great amazing videos, hope to see some more awesome movies next year :)

Helen Tui said...

Hi Y5/6 Extention class,
Far out, that was an awesome movie you made. It sure did make me smile. So exciting to see all the lovely smiles and how much fun you guys had.

From Helen Tui

Kaloni said...


Man your movie is great and fun i really enjoy it. Keep up the great work year 6 and 5 Extension.

from kaloni

Taeshell said...

Hi Y5/6 Extension children,

That movie was spectacular, you all done a good job. I really liked your actions to the song. The song was awsome as well. I hope to see more of your movies.

Grace Matatahi said...

Wow I think I like your one the best. Do you always smile? bye

Lisia said...

Hi this is Lisia from room 15,

I really loved your movie. When I heard your movie, it made me want to smile. Some people say I smile too much.
Again, I loved your movie.xoxox

Antonio said...

hi its me antonio
WOW!!!!!!!!! that was awesome and really it was very awesome choice and very good lip singing. That was a awesome choice to.

from Antonio

Hope said...

Great movie year 5\6 I enjoyed that talented film festival.

love hope

Hajira said...

Hi Y5/Y6 Extension group.

I really liked the way you guys sang along and the song you chose was so cool.
Keep on smiling.


Matthew R said...

Hey, Year 5/6 Extension,

Great Movie, I loved that song.Its really catchy.Your actions were pretty funny.Good Job Keep it up.

Matthew R

kobe said...

Hi room 9

I really liked your movie.I liked when Nevyn was smiling. How long did it take to make that movie?

By Kobe

Anonymous said...

Very very cool movie made. loved it

ngatokurua&susana said...

Talofa lava yr 5 and 6. I love the way you sang and the song that you picked is so cool, nice choice!! Our class felt exhilarated

Susana said...

Great singing there and I love the song that you picked it is so cool.You are creative with your backgrounds

Anonymous said...

That song reminded me of a dance that I did for a teacher that had left tamaki primary.