Wednesday, November 12, 2014


FakeBook - BEHIND THE STATUS from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

Your likes have power! Power to bring smiles or frowns. This is a reminder to be careful with what you 'like'. You need to check too - is this status true? Have fun watching this movie - have a laugh and remember...likes need to right too!


Quinlan said...

This is a really cool movie that you made. It was cool how you called it Fake Book instead of Face Book, What would you do if someone found out you were on Fake Book and It wasn't true what you said.?

Ashley said...
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Rosalina said...

Hi Intermediate girls,
I really like that movie that you made. You are right we should be careful what you like or post, you never know who's watching. I like the movie the whole thing, its about learning what you can or can't do, Great job girls.

Elizabeth said...

Hi this is Elizabeth,
I really enjoyed watching about fakebook. It was a awesome movie but I didn't really understand it but every ways I really enjoyed it and keep up the awesome work.(:

Ashley said...

Hi To The Senior Girls Who Made This Movie,

That movie was so awesome because you used so much detail in it and I like how some off uses, used a Phone or a laptop that was so great. Keep Up The Great Work. From Ashley

Ariana said...


This was a really cool movie, I love how you guys put in some really good acting. I wonder how long it took you to make this movie? Keep up the Fantastic work.

Miss K said...

Class 12 really liked the name of your movie, we thought you were clever because being fake is exactly what you showed us.
We really liked all the selfies you took because they were funny.
The animations were very detailed and clever too.
We are wondering how you thought up the name?
Thanks for sharing your amazing creation.
Class 12 PES

Anonymous said...

That was a fabulous movie you've done Gloria, I think you should be a directer when you grow up because you will be are good directer Gloria. Keep up the good work.

From Samoa

Jessica said...

Hi it's me Jessica you guys made a great movie. I think you should work on some things and then your movie will be incredible.

Nice work girls!

Elisabeth said...

Hey guys this is Elisabeth.
I love the idea of your movie, and yes you're right we should be careful about what we comment on things. I also really loved the name Fakebook instead of Facebook. Great job, keep up the good work!

Daisy F said...
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Daisy F said...

Hi gloreia and kaysee you guys were great at fake book.
And gloreia I think you are actually just like me.
And kaysee that was really kind of you when you took a photo of you and gloreia.
And how did you guys make the name.
From Daisy I'm 7 years old.

Tom said...

Hi fakebook people I am a big fan of your movie.I loved the name fakebook instead of Facebook.I love it I hope you will make other Fakebook movie.

How did you make the name fakebook.
Thanks for sharing all your amazing work keep the good work up

Monet said...

Hi guys,
That movie was great!
I hope you guys can carry on in making more cool movies like this one.

From Monet @ Stonefields school

Anonymous said...

Hi what a great movie you guys made hope you make another one.

Macklin - Stonefields school

Germaine said...

this is a really good and funny movie from Germaine

Anonymous said...

yo awesome movie guys its really cool how you said fakebook instead of facebook.

Inez said...

Hello Guys,

You guys done a fabulous job with teaching student's not to be fake to others. I am sure some people have learned something from your movie. Keep it up.

From Inez, Class9

Rockyv said...

Hi extension class this is very creative I love the animation. Keep the great work.

Iisa said...


That was a nice movie. You had the right facials and your voices were full of expression and clearness. I look forward to making more movies like that with you all.

Yours sincerely,


Yanni S said...

I thought your movie was great, it had good meaning behind it and I thought that people can learn a lot from this.

- Yanni

Alexandra said...

Dear Pt England School,

I thought your movie was great, it had a good meaning and a great message (Not to be fake).


Sophia said...

Hi guys. I loved your movie. It had a great hook which made me keep watching. I though that it had a great message too "Not to be fake"

Sophia from Stonefields School

Elliot said...

it was such a good movie really cool about saying dont be fake on the internet be urself

Allanah said...

Hi guys you movie was cool
and yea don't be a fake person, like how its called fake book

Rona said...

this is very cool do yous like play netball???

Anonymous said...

Really nice movie,and good message. Because this is a big problem these days. It was good that you talked about Facebook and how you shouldn't be fake. Great work

Sonya said...

Hi Senior Girls:)
It's Chanel and Sonya.
Your movie was awesome!!
We got the message,
about not being fake.
Keep up the Awesome work,
and we look forward to next
years movies ^.^
Chanel & Sonya

Sajiha said...

Hi Intermediate Girls,

Your movie is a great movie to learn from. I loved how you have used a very strong message to teach people about not being fake. I'm sure everyone will learn something new after watching your amazing movie. What made you want to make a movie about being fake? Keep up the great work!

From Sajiha
Panmure Bridge School

mya said...

Hi room 12

I Really like your message about don't be fake. Your Movie is great to learn being real not fake don't lie always tell the truth.

What made you guys want to write this movie???

from Mya
Please visit my class blog. Panmure bridge Room 5

Jessie said...

This really cool movie. It is so funny because you's put Fake book instead of Facebook. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

This is a really cool movie that you made.What would you do if someone found out you were on Fake Book and It wasn't true what you said.From Alizhay and Mele

Willy I said...


Just watched your movie of yours, BEHIND THE STATUS: FakeBook.

I really enjoyed it. Shows the true lesson of being yourself in front of others instead of faking it.

Great movie, by the way!

Julieanna L said...

you have used lots of detail in your from class 11

May S said...

Hi Girls,

its me May from Rm 4 I just want to say I love all the detail and the moral "Don't be fake"

Nice Job:)

Tatiyana @ PES said...

i love your fantastic movie you made well done

Christina @ PES said...

wow your movie was so so amazing well done you guys