Thursday, September 27, 2018

Move your body reflection by Sheena

What have you accomplished this week? It was finally time to show our siva samoa to Team 5. Me and my group managed to accomplish memorizing the dance of by heart.

What did you find challenging? Me and the girls (Daliz and Jayde) found it really challenging teaching the boys the dance because they would always laugh and play around which didn’t help because when we danced the boys didn’t know what to do.

What has helped you to overcome these challenges? Just a few minutes before we had to go into the hall the boys finally got it together and we managed to help them memorize some moves.

What did you enjoy about the performances? I really enjoyed watching the seven group from each class performing but Room 4 only had two group but either then that I had a great time watching and performing and I hope Team 5 does it again.

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