Friday, August 28, 2015

By failing to prepare you prepare to fail!

By failing to prepare you prepare to fail.   This quote is definitely something we can agree with in team 5 with our current focus on being financially responsible.  Day by day we are learning of the importance think more deeply about the impact of our spending.

Even the simple act of saving the change from our runs to the dairy can make a big difference.   Rather than accepting bakery lunches - push for a homemade one.   All these little savings add up to being a big help to our whanau.

Banks - banks are a place that invites us to store/save our money with them.  They can also help us to think about our money and what we can do when we set ourselves a financial goal.   We got talking today the interest offered by all banks for various types of bank accounts.  (Per annum - we discovered means every 3 months...interest PA :)  We found it really interesting when we researched the range of interest offered by banks.  There seems to be a bank account designed for people in many different stages in life.   We looked closely at school students and tertiary student accounts.   Together we found what you see displayed in our image.  

We hope you will make the time to find out more too about banks and how they can help us achieve a goal we have in the future.  Maybe it's your tertiary studies, a gift, a trip,  a car, a home - a trip away for the whanau.  Good care of the money in our family will result in a good present AND future.  Being financially responsible is being future focused!  Succeed in planning for your future!


Peteli said...

I think we have done a good job on finding out which bank is the best to trust and which one will give us the best deal I think the best bank wast kiwi bank because I think I could trust it with money and it give's me and my family the best deal that we are comfortable with.

Mrs Tele'a said...

Hi Peteli! Thank you for commenting as you have. I think it's so good that you are thinking about you and your family's future. Being financially responsible in this respect will only strengthen and assist your family positively. Well done on sharing your thoughts related to this post. Malo aupito!