Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Journey

Fai malaga means to make a journey - the theme we've continued to visit regularly as we navigate our way through the year 2016. For our year 8 students it is a very special year. It's their final year and it's time to make some lasting memories as year 9 draws near. This is an animation created by a team of 3 year 8 students: Izac, Toma and Collin. Watch and enjoy what has been a very special part of our learning journey here at Pt England School. Manuia le malaga!

PENN sTar Waka from SchoolTV on Vimeo.


Latu said...

HI Room 3,
I see your guys space had a visit.I'm just asking how was it? did he tell you about things you may need? Well I hope you had fun.

Courtney said...

Hey room 3
I really enjoyed watching your guy's video. I really like the drawing in the video it's so creative and colorful.
Great work