Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 - So'o Tau'au - Join Shoulders

So'o Tau'au, 2016 sign off from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

2016 has been everything BUT normal!   We had changes to the timetable weekly, family, new baby :) teacher's on leave and leaving, Papa's and a Mama passing -  and in all this our kids stayed amazing!  Stayed normal!  Why??
We knew how and why - to 'So'o Tau'au'.

So'o tau'au is a Samoan saying that you typically hear in times of challenge.  Families and elders will visit those in a time of trial to offer support, this statement will be made.    Typically in our team we have sayings that help to embed our school wide korero.   Rather than a growling - it's a prompt to re-focus using our korero - saying.   This we carried through our learning spaces, in and out of the classroom - Te Reo, camps/field trips, tech@Tamaki College, testing, tuakana teina, visiting speakers, fundraisers, health talks and more!

Early in term 2 I shared this Samoan saying with our team during one of our morning karakia times.   It became something we used year long along with all other korero.   With all the changes that were expected and especially those that were not - this saying was one we held fast to.

Signing off for 2016 - I would like to wish all the students and teaching staff of Team 5 a fantastic festive season!    Well done on another amazing year, you've all contributed to making this year one of positive difference.

Looking forward to what 2017 will bring - opportunity to again 'So'o Tau'au'.

Ia manuia lava le tausaga fou, faamanuia atu le Atua ia te outou uma.

Mrs Andrea Bakulich Tele'a

Simon says this about 'So'o Tau'au' 


DJB said...

What a beautiful way for you to round off 2016. I have so enjoyed reliving the success of team 5 through this video and the special memories evoked. Well done to the teachers and young people and especially the fabulous Mrs Tele'a. God bless you all as we head into 2017.
Mrs Burt

Rachel Williamson said...

I couldn't agree more with Mrs Burt. It was very special to have the opportunity to witness all of the amazing accomplishments realised by the students (and teachers) of team 5 over the 2016 school year! It is a pleasure to see the learning that has occurred over the past 12 months and to continue to learn, create and share with many team 5 students over the summer holiday period. Thank you to everyone who has joined us on the Summer Learning Journey so far!

Warmest wishes to all of you for a happy, healthy and fun-filled 2017.

Cheers, Rachel