Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Nekflix - Manaiakalani Film Festival #10

You sit down to watch telly, maybe Netflix and you can't decide what to watch. You end having an hour skipping around channels, a smorgasboard of some tasty and maybe not so morsels of film. Room 3 were similar in not being able to settle on just one film, instead created a film that combined 3 ideas. We've called our film - NeKflix! See if you can piece together the three different storylines. This is one of two movies Room 3 have planned and produced to celebrate 10 years of the Manaiakalani Film Festival.

We hope that you enjoyed your time at the cinemas celebrating and now are ready to watch again - or maybe for the first time our movie 'Ask your Aunty'. Be sure to leave us some feedback and your footprint so we can share the love right back with you!

 Manuia le 10 tausaga o le Manaiakalani Film Festival!


Junior said...

Nice work point england

Jessica said...

Kia Ora Room 3!
Your film was very interesting. I thought it was a nice way to introduce traditional islanders into a T.V. show. What inspired this film idea and are you happy with the outcome? Thanks for making me smile this morning!

Room 10,
Ruapotaka School.

Matt Goodwin said...

Kia ora Room 3, what a hilarious movie. We loved the Aunties, how funny were they. From Room 7

Deavay said...

Kia Ora Room 3, I Liked your movie because it was funny mostly the ask you aunty one. what gave you the idea of making this movie? cheese can make you gassy for some people though. I didn't get what the second nekflix episode (or movie).

Calvin said...

Kia Ora room 3, I really enjoyed watching your movie it looks very interesting. Christian I love how you are wearing lip stick I think it looks funny and the dress your wearing. I think all of you guys did a great job... Keep up the great work !!

Danielle said...

Malo Room 3, I really enjoyed your movie because not only entertaining but it had little snip-its from various movies, and you should always ask your aunties. So keep up the good work and good things will come just like today.


Mikihiro said...

Hi Room 3, I really like how you did like a quiz show and ask to Aunty it very funny. Great work.
The part which I found funny in the Ask your Aunty was the part where all of the students / Aunties were acting like they were actual aunties and also acting like they were girls when some were boys. Keep it up!

Miki from Panmure Bridge School.

Trinity said...

Hi room 3
While I was watching your movie I found it amusing. It was very humerus.I really enjoyed watching it. So far from the movies that I have watched your movie is the best. While Making Your movie did it take a few shots to get it right?

Anahere @ Pt England School said...

I Loved it 100% i loved the Personal nekflix idea so funny and Cool to watch
Have Fun Nec Year

Evangeline said...

hi its Eva I loved your movie it was so funny but you shouldn't really judge someone for there look but for there personality and who they really are but yeah your movie was great hop you make something like that Nek year.

Hilary said...

Kia ora Room3,
I Really loved your movie and i Think It's Amazing.
Keep up the good work Room 3.


Sione said...

Malo lelei my name is sione.k nice aunty movie,
guys cool acting.

Bethan @ PES said...

Hi Room 3
Your movie was Hilarious. I really liked the acting. Keep up the great work
From Bethan.

Karen Belt said...

Hi Room 3
We enjoyed watching your Family Feud. It was funny having the aunties played by boys, it made us laugh. We really enjoyed your movie,
From Room 30 @ Lynmore School, Rotorua

Losehina said...

Wow, you have been so thoughtful to think of your movie. I can tell that you have worked so hard. Keep it up and well done.

Anonymous said...

My name is jimmy I’m from room 26 I thought your movie was funny and cool. Thank you

Nadia said...

Hello Pt England, My name is Nadia and I am from Glen Taylor School. I love this film!!!! Especially the fact that you added lots of different skits from each film so you could get a sneak peek of what you guys have really been working on!!

Adam said...

hi point england school i liked your acting skills it was amazing. it was interesting.keep up the good acting skills

Sharon Middleton said...

Kia Ora Room 3,

Room 5 really enjoyed your movie. We thought the acting in Family Feud and Ask your Aunty was funny and had a lot of skill and expression.

It was very clever how you switched between the 3 shows to show someone channel surfing. I (Mrs Middleton) also waste a lot of time at home doing that.

We look forward to seeing more of your movies.

Kind Regards

Room 5 and Mrs Middleton

Havea @ Glen Innes school said...

Kia Ora Room 3!
Your film was very interesting. I thought it was a nice way to introduce traditional islanders into a T.V. show. What inspired this film idea and are you happy with the outcome? Thanks for making me smile this morning!.By the way was it fun making this movie also what was your Favorited part

Isla said...

Hi my name is islaw from stonefields school I thought the anites were veary funny because they were bing silly k

Talia'uli fosita said...

hahaha hi room 3

good acting jonson family good movie

Priscilla Lavakula said...

Hi Room 3,
Wow! What a funny movie especially all you pretty aunties wearing dresses and make up.
It's a great idea. We thought we were watching Netflix.

Good job everyone and Mrs Tele'a.

Love from Miss Lavakula and LH1 @ Ormiston Primary School

David said...

Hi Pt England I really loved the way you've edited the ask your Aunty one it was to funny.Keep up the good work!.

sarah Glen Innes School said...

Malo lelei Pt england, you guys are phenomenal actors and you guys are so funny. I think this is the best movie I have seen so far. What inspired you to film this kind of movie.

Danielle said...

Hi Point England School,
I really enjoyed watching your film and it was really funny! My favourite part of your short film was Ask Your Aunty. NekFlix is one of my favourite short films from Point England. I love how you used Netflix as a guide for your film, this is an amazing film.
Danielle from GTS =)

Alanna said...

Malo Room 3, Your film was very interesting and it made me laugh a lot. My favourite part from your film was ask your aunty! Ask your aunty was very funny and I loved every single part of it,

Sesilia said...

Hello Room 3,I like the way your movie does different movies at time to time. From Sesilia in the block

Santana said...

Kia Ora Room 3, I really liked the way you guys put 3 movies together and did bit by bit.

Kind Regards Santana.