Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Going hard out for the hungry 2013!

This year our extension students went hard out for the hungry again! We went without food for 20 hours to experience in a very small way what it is to go without food. This included a sleepover on a Friday evening and early rise the following day. We had a lot of fun together - learning more about Papua New Guinea and the children we were fundraising for. We also had the privilege of the famine ambassadors - that's right the ones you've seen on television visit us. They led us through activities that had us understanding what it was to have limited food resources and how this has so many bad knock on effects in a community. There's much more that we did - please visit Josephines blog to find out more about this life saving event. We are proud to report that to date we have fundraised over $1,200 from a group of 22 students. Thanks to Devon and her team from World Vision, our parents, teachers, families and friends who have helped us to raise these funds. We look forward to finding out what this does for our friends in PNG.  Thanks to Josephine for editing the movie below.

THF from KPE TV on Vimeo.