Thursday, September 27, 2018

Move your body reflection by Sheena

What have you accomplished this week? It was finally time to show our siva samoa to Team 5. Me and my group managed to accomplish memorizing the dance of by heart.

What did you find challenging? Me and the girls (Daliz and Jayde) found it really challenging teaching the boys the dance because they would always laugh and play around which didn’t help because when we danced the boys didn’t know what to do.

What has helped you to overcome these challenges? Just a few minutes before we had to go into the hall the boys finally got it together and we managed to help them memorize some moves.

What did you enjoy about the performances? I really enjoyed watching the seven group from each class performing but Room 4 only had two group but either then that I had a great time watching and performing and I hope Team 5 does it again.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

My mother. A poem written by Trinity Room 3

My Mother gave me comfort
And feed me everyday
They say be grateful you have mother
Cause mine was never there
My nana never seemed that bad
And neither did my Papa
But I never really knew them well
Not as good as my mother
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Monday, September 17, 2018

Steev Laufilitoga Maka of Uvea comes to PES

Steev Laufilitoga Maka from the island of Uvea! Yes he's here to teach us Team 5 the art of dancing Pasifika style! All classes have had the chance to spend 1 and half hour sessions with Steev. Not only have we learned a new type of Pasifika dance but learned many lessons that go with dance. The ability to listen, follow and concentrate have been a need to experience success in these sessions.

Actions and dance are taught in repetitive cycle however never got bored as Steev has a gift for teaching dance - keeping us focused all the way throughout.  While Steev has openly shared that his spoken english is only developing, we understood all he needed us to do and were ready for more. Now that's a great teacher don't you think?! We do!!

 Our health and P.E. focus fits perfectly with these special dance sessions. We have talked a lot about persevering when learning to achieve a goal. We certainly have done this with Steev his wife Ebony and baby Vito. During our most recent session Steev spoke to our whole team about how proud he was of all the students. How also to care for one another as one people. To treat all well as we never know what one may be going through. What a neat lesson for life!  Thank you Steev!  Thank you Sefa for blessing us with this opportunity to learn.