Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 - So'o Tau'au - Join Shoulders

So'o Tau'au, 2016 sign off from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

2016 has been everything BUT normal!   We had changes to the timetable weekly, family, new baby :) teacher's on leave and leaving, Papa's and a Mama passing -  and in all this our kids stayed amazing!  Stayed normal!  Why??
We knew how and why - to 'So'o Tau'au'.

So'o tau'au is a Samoan saying that you typically hear in times of challenge.  Families and elders will visit those in a time of trial to offer support, this statement will be made.    Typically in our team we have sayings that help to embed our school wide korero.   Rather than a growling - it's a prompt to re-focus using our korero - saying.   This we carried through our learning spaces, in and out of the classroom - Te Reo, camps/field trips, tech@Tamaki College, testing, tuakana teina, visiting speakers, fundraisers, health talks and more!

Early in term 2 I shared this Samoan saying with our team during one of our morning karakia times.   It became something we used year long along with all other korero.   With all the changes that were expected and especially those that were not - this saying was one we held fast to.

Signing off for 2016 - I would like to wish all the students and teaching staff of Team 5 a fantastic festive season!    Well done on another amazing year, you've all contributed to making this year one of positive difference.

Looking forward to what 2017 will bring - opportunity to again 'So'o Tau'au'.

Ia manuia lava le tausaga fou, faamanuia atu le Atua ia te outou uma.

Mrs Andrea Bakulich Tele'a

Simon says this about 'So'o Tau'au' 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mo Papa & Mama (For Mama and Papa)

Kia Ora te whanau! This film was created to capture the many wonderful sayings we hear from our parents, Koro, aunties and uncles! We know at times you must wonder if we actually listen to all your gems! Well we do! Here's a film to let you know this and a little bit more. Please leave a comment - leave a note for you own whanau here too if you like. Ata marie! Arohanui toku matua!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Team 1 visit Team 5

It was so neat to see our year 1 and 2 teachers this morning! Teachers of Team 1 - new entrant classes spent some time with us. This was during our start up for the day where we students lead mihi, karakia and himene (greetings, prayer and hymn). This all happens before we launch into the programme for our day of learning and being at Pt England School. We loved that we could spend this time and show our Team 1 teachers how much we've grown and love taking charge in our space. They agree with us that it's a great start up to our daily learning. After meeting and greeting all our junior teachers we were treated to a song from them. This picture was taken during their song to us 'You are my sunshine'.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Journey

Fai malaga means to make a journey - the theme we've continued to visit regularly as we navigate our way through the year 2016. For our year 8 students it is a very special year. It's their final year and it's time to make some lasting memories as year 9 draws near. This is an animation created by a team of 3 year 8 students: Izac, Toma and Collin. Watch and enjoy what has been a very special part of our learning journey here at Pt England School. Manuia le malaga!

PENN sTar Waka from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Samoan language week

Here is our senior Samoan Group performing for our Samoan language week. It was a blessing to use our precious language this week. The theme for 2016 is “E felelei manu ae ma’au i o latou ofaga - Birds migrate to environments where they survive and thrive”. This item was performed along with a speech from Eden and George who are both fluent in the Samoan language. Samoa e - maopoopo mai! Special thanks to Chocajoe who owns the images you see looping in the background. We loved your images that capture some very precious moments from Samoa.

Samoan Language Week Assembly item 2016 from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Our journey - our bright stars

This video was put together by Room 3 to highlight the amazing feat our ancestors completed in voyaging across the vast Pacific Ocean. Part of this script is from an article written by the Polynesian Voyaging Society. Further - we make links to how our events in our homes, community and school are like the bright stars that guide ones journey. Keep your eyes on the stars!! Toia mai - te waka!!

PENN sTar Waka from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Nau mai - haere mai!

Talofa lava! It is with joy that we greet and welcome you to Rooom 3's blog for 2016. We have a really neat bunch of students who make up the fantastic Room 3! We have had a week of settling in - showing our new members in year 7 our special Team 5 learning space. We are looking forward to our parents meeting with our teachers in the week to come. Please remind your parents or caregivers that our time sheets will be out soon. Be sure to select the time slot that works best for your whanau. We have a number of exciting events coming up this term in the form of our garage sale, fiafia and year 8 leadership camp. Look out for our newsletter that will be coming home this week. Our video shows part of a farewell to Ms Tito who is now starting her new journey in the north. Also our dear year 8's of 2015 who are now in their new schools as year 9. We look forward to seeing you in and around our school.