Friday, August 28, 2015

By failing to prepare you prepare to fail!

By failing to prepare you prepare to fail.   This quote is definitely something we can agree with in team 5 with our current focus on being financially responsible.  Day by day we are learning of the importance think more deeply about the impact of our spending.

Even the simple act of saving the change from our runs to the dairy can make a big difference.   Rather than accepting bakery lunches - push for a homemade one.   All these little savings add up to being a big help to our whanau.

Banks - banks are a place that invites us to store/save our money with them.  They can also help us to think about our money and what we can do when we set ourselves a financial goal.   We got talking today the interest offered by all banks for various types of bank accounts.  (Per annum - we discovered means every 3 months...interest PA :)  We found it really interesting when we researched the range of interest offered by banks.  There seems to be a bank account designed for people in many different stages in life.   We looked closely at school students and tertiary student accounts.   Together we found what you see displayed in our image.  

We hope you will make the time to find out more too about banks and how they can help us achieve a goal we have in the future.  Maybe it's your tertiary studies, a gift, a trip,  a car, a home - a trip away for the whanau.  Good care of the money in our family will result in a good present AND future.  Being financially responsible is being future focused!  Succeed in planning for your future!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Attitude - Friendships are important.

ATTITUDE PART 2: All about friendships.
Here are some key-pointers from our Swag...South African born... lower Auckland Attitude Presenter Dan!   Read and read again - this is useful for us to remember - young and old! Mrs Tele'a tried hard to keep up with all the gems shared on this morning. So much laughter, truths and helpful tips for today's exciting world of year 7 & 8 students! Here's only some of the awesomeness from this session:

Myths about friendships
  • I am the only one who feels like this.   Actually everyone feels this struggle at times
  • It just happens.  Actually best of friendships take a lot of time
  • It’s about quantity.   Quality is really important - not the quantity!  If we become FB, instagram, youtube famous then this will bring us plenty of friends.   

4 - 5 friends is what research suggests is a good number of friends to have.

Things that don’t work!
  • Mean humour:   Crossing lines with the jokes...before long it all goes wrong.  Funny is not stink - cruel - mean.  Never mock about things you can’t change - body parts, culture, families, beliefs.  What do you do if you cross the line???  Best thing to do is SAY SORRY.  It’s powerful to apologise.   Mean humour is like one can see it cos it’s under your uniform...your friends can’t see it or know it - they hit it and only you feel the hurt...
  • Back stabbing:  Back stabbing backfires...people will grow not to like being around you because you are negative to be around.
  • Smothering: being around people TOO MUCH, give people space - this is healthy.  Smothering is not good - be kind and tell them you need some space.
  • Showing Off: Boys and girls can do this differently.  Girls can be through talking and saying things...boys tend to show off through doing silly things.  Don’t pretend to be somebody you’re not to get friends to like you.   Pick your times when you want to be fun and show-off - class time?? Not even ea!
  • Bullying: physical, cyber, verbal, mental, written...YOU the person feeling this pressure have NOTHING wrong with you - you don’t have to change.  It’s the person being cruel that needs to be changed.  TALK to someone you trust that can help you.  It’s really easy to fix.   Telling someone... it’s not a weakness it makes you SMART AND STRONGER!

  • REMEMBER NAMES:use a method to help you remember peoples names.  Their name is their most favourite word to hear - it’s true!  Think of something that sounds close to their name to help you remember.   Names are important!
  • LEARN TO LISTEN: learn to ask good questions of your friends and actually listen to what they say.  Don’t talk the whole time and then walk on...ask questions of them too - find out what they are up and possibly in need of.   Be a good listener!!
  • SAY A GOOD WORD: be sure to say a good word - encourage especially in those hard moments.  Hard times like a tough sports game, a challenging task in class, that moment when you can tell your friend might want to give up.   A good word does plenty!!
  • KEEP secrets: there are 3 secrets YOU SHOULD NOT KEEP hurting themselves, hurting others, someone is hurting them.  Secrets are not things to always keep.  
  • BE yourself:
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