Monday, September 21, 2015

Cindy in the house! School Production on now!!

Buy your ticket from our school Iisa's post here to find out more!

For all of Term 3, our school has been working hard on our school production, 'Cindy In Da House'. I have recieved a part in it as one of the main characters. We have been working hard on the play all term. The play is a remix of the original Cinderella story, with a GI influence.

There are 8 main characters, along with 6 secondary characters. Everyone else in the play is either a technician, a dancer, or a stagehand. I am one of 2 friends of Josh, the 'Prince' of the play. Cindy, as you could probably guess, is the 'Cinderella' of the play, the one that gets tormented by her ugly stepsisters and stepmother.

Not only am I an actor, I am also a dancer and an animator. Many others are too, as we are putting in all the effort we can to make this a great show. We have three shows on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week. I highly encourage those that have children attend to Pt England to come to one of the performances, as the dancers, actors, singers, technicians, animators, stagehands and caregivers are all working hard.


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