Monday, May 21, 2018

The thrill and pain of paint ball!

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As I was sitting down getting ready to know what our first activity was, I was wishing it wouldn't be paintballing. But today my luck was bad, as they read out my groups first activity I heard “PAINTBALLING” I was nervous and scared because I have never done paintballing in my life and the stories I have heard about paintballing are not good.

As my group lined up to go paintballing, I quickly ran to my cabin and got my big puffy jacket . As we were walking towards the battle area, I saw popped paintballs everywhere. I could also see mud, tires and  Slingshots.

We had 4 matches our first match was a team match. There was 2 teams with 4 people in each team. My team ran to the left side of the battle area getting ready to start the match. We heard our instructor Prince say “ 3 2 1 GO” First me and my team made a plan our plan was for 1 person to go to the left and one person go to the right. Me and my friend went down the middle. If you didn't know the middle is the worst place be right now.

My hand was shaking as I had the slingshot in my hand. I was scared that I will get shot first. But as I ran and dodged heps of paintballs I thought I will never be shot. But I thought wrong, I got shot in the leg and it felt like I just got stung by a bee. I had to get off the battlefield and stand with Prince or Instructor.

Round 2
Or next game for paintballing was capture the flag. Me and my group went back to the left side and waited for Prince to do the countdown.
The countdown was said and my team did the same strategy. As the other team grabbed the flag first We chased them But we could not catch them.

Round 3
This time it was a free for all. Free for all is when you can go for anyone. But Still people teamed up. My trick was to tell people i am in there team and then shoot them in the back. There was only 2 people left I ran up behind and shot them so I became the winner.

Last round
This was probably the scariest one. It is called the hail mary run. This round 1 or 2 people had to run straight while the others get a free shot on them. I was picked to do the run. I waited at one side on the field and then ran. I got hit about 3 times but I didn't really hurt thanks to my big jacket.

So that was my experience of paintballing maybe if you do paintballing one day you might  have the same experience as me.