Thursday, July 16, 2020

Winter Learning Journey star! Hannah of Room 3

Winter Learning Journey: Poster
Week 1, Activity 5
Kia ora, Malo e lelei, Talofa Lava, Greetings to all and Welcome back to my blog. Today I'll be blogging to you, the last activity of my Winter learning Journey for WEEK 1. There will be more winter learning journey blog posts next week for WEEK 2, now back to my last WLJ activity for week 1. 

Task: Create a poster that shows 3 key quotes you have heard your parents/whanau say since your return to school in level 2. They must be quotes/sayings that you find helpful from your whanau. After that post on your blog with a written explanation for each quote.


"Make sure to wash your hands before eating dinner!" by Mum - My mum always uses this quote to me and my siblings before we start eating our dinner because it's helpful for us to remember to stay clean by washing our hands just in case we have any germs and that we don't spread it to others.

"If you feel sick, stay home and don't go to school!" by Nana- 
My Nana always uses this quote to my little sister and cousin because they always got the flu or cold some days during school at level 2. So whenever she sees them cough a lot of have a really runny nose, she gives them this ginger medicine drink, puts them back into bed and tells them to stay home. She also does this with me and my other siblings sometimes.

"Sleep early for school!" - Nana and Mum
Both my Nana and Mum tells us these 4 words whenever it's a school night, they don't like us staying up long when it's a school night because they both know that when we sleep late, we won't get enough sleep and that would lead up to us  waking up very late and getting all cranky and tired for school the next day. If they catch us on our electronic devices they usually take it off us and give them back to us the next day.

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Cape Reinga - top of Aotearoa with my whanau. Jezakaia Room 3

Jezekaia travelled up north for a tangi.  It was a sad occasion but also one where whanau got to show off special parts of Aotearoa.  Go here to read more from Jezakaia.

The Cape

On 26th of June me and my family travelled to the far north for a tangi in Ngataki .Waking up at our Marae was something else!   There were no trees in the way and all there were was a stunner sun and white clouds!  

In our spare time we made a Road trip to the top of our country to visit Cape Reinga, it was about a 40 minute drive away from our destination. It was a beautiful experience to be out in the country area - not many people are able to travel to the top of our country but we did!

It was also good to hang out with my beautiful family. We passed some avocado farms, sand dunes and heaps of beautiful beaches on the way. It was nice being at the cape indulging the ocean view and soaking up the fresh air. I can't wait to visit again in summer with my Family.

Monday, July 6, 2020

The lucky Diamond, by Paige of Room 3

Narrative- The Lucky Diamond.  Blog post of the week!

Task Description: For this weeks writing task we have done another narrative and this time it had to a free image with a tree inside. We had to use the T.O.P.S structure and this stands for title, orientation, problem, and solution.

The Lucky Diamond

Fairy Tales Fantasy Narrative - Free image on Pixabay
Names:Bryant, James

It was a lovely morning and Bryant woke up, he  grabbed his favourite thing in the world, Bryant loves adventures and he always likes to explore places. There was a little shiny diamond on his desk and he loved it. He thought it was real. He went down stairs and heard a doorbell, it was his friend James, 

“What should we do today?” said Bryant with excitement.

“I saw a allway near my house, and I think it’s a new one,” he said.

They were thinking of having an adventure and so they packed up and went off with no explanation.  When they got there they walked through the alleyway and spotted a lot of green trees,
“It’s a forest!” said Bryant

“WOW!” said James with his eyes wide.

As they walked they saw a path and so they followed, on the way they stopped for a snack and water. It was day time and so they thought they had to be back by afternoon. 

As they continued with their adventure Bryant slipped his hand in his pocket for his diamond, but then suddenly it was gone.

“Oh no where's my diamond!” said Bryant as he screamed.

“What! Oh no!” said James with a fright.

They looked everywhere and suddenly saw in front of them a cottage, they walked towards it and didn’t know what to do, but knocked. There was an old lady that opened the door and said 

“What are you doing here at this time of day?” she said with a growly voice.

James answered

“Sorry to bother you, but we're just trying to look for my friend's diamond”  with a scared voice.

The lady looked with great relief and she thought in her head if she could help the little boys and see if she can find them around the forest with some help.

When they got to the end of the path of the old lady's house they went up and down the path heaps of times. It was getting too late and the afternoon was passing by, but suddenly a man was walking past and peeked down below all the way at the front of the path. He saw something shiny and he could see a shiny flicker from all they where they were and so they ran up to the man, and the man turned around and said

“Is this your little boy” 

“Yes, thankyou sir for this,” Bryant said with relief.

The looked closely and thought that it might be actually real, so he told Bryant this

“Little boy I think this is most certainly real” said the man with a smiley face.

They all went to a store to check out if the diamond was real and so it was. Bryant and James' faces were with a huge smile on their face and they were filled with happiness and couldn't wait to tell their parents. 

It was a brand new day and they decided to use their money that they got from the man yesterday to go on a family vacation, along with James' family too.
They had so much and were happy of how that man was so kind and honest.


Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Matariki Celebrations by Hannah of Room 3

Matariki Day Recap

Matariki Day!!!

Kia Ora blog readers and welcome back to my blog, today I will be recapping to you what we did at our Whole School's Matariki Day Celebration we do every year at Pt England School, first let me tell you what Matariki Day is all about.
Matariki celebrates and signals the beginning of Maori New Year, on that day seven stars appear in the sky, these stars are called the seven sisters.Their real names are called: Tupu-a-nuku, Tupu-a-rangi, Waiti, Waita, Waipunarangi, Ururangi and Matariki. Matariki is a big celebration of people, culture, language, spirituality and history, this celebration brings many family and friends together as one.

At our Matariki celebration at Pt England School we all were splitted into different groups, and they were Cooking, Arts and Craft, Sports and lastly Movie making (Entertainment). We were splitted into these 4 groups not only to have fun but learn the different ways we can express Matariki based on the activities we had. The group I was put into was Arts and Crafts which was actually cool because I like being creative in many ways. My highlight of Matariki was when we were drawing the patterns on our 7 stars and my table of friends I sat with were laughing and giggling when we got marker on our faces and our designs were very funny. My second highlight is learning more stuff about what Matariki is really about, I now have more knowledge of what it is.

In my opinion I think that NZ must celebrate this because if you are new to Matariki, you will learn what it is actually about and the interesting story behind it and this festive celebration will bring everyone together and celebrate Maori New 
Year. Have you celebrated MATARIKI DAY yet?
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