Thursday, May 28, 2020

Vaiaso o le gagana Samoa. Pese ma viiga!

"Tapena sou ōso mo lau malaga" - Prepare yourself a gift for your travels. 

It is tradition for Samoan people when travelling to have organised a gift to take to families who await them.  If travelling from Samoa a boxed umu was a typical 'oso' to bring.  When travelling from New Zealand to Samoa, money, canned food, clothing and any household items are greatly appreciated by those awaiting your arrival.   Don't be surprised that when you return to NZ with only a umu box and an empty suitcase.  Samoan people are very resourceful and will make good use of practically everything you arrive with!

The gift we have today for you is that of our children singing two hymns they requested to learn and share this week.   Our guitarist John is of Tongan descent who started this whole process of learning, practising and today sharing these hymns.   What a gift to share John!

This gift will be used during the  year as our students lead karakia, mihi and himene to start each school day.

Malo lava to all students, faamalo atu foi'i iā  Mr Wright (guitar and singing coach), John lead guitarist, Kitione, John L, Valeli, Pisirina and Lepisi.  Malo lava le faasoa, malo lava le taumafai ina ia iloa e isi o le fanau ia pese tāua o le tatou atunuu.

"Tapena sou ōso mo lau malaga" - Prepare yourself a gift for your travels.