Monday, October 22, 2018

The ART in Samoa's Traditional Tattoo

This term has kicked off with our students being exposed to 5 different types of art and artist.   Room 3 have had the privilege of studying the traditional tattoos of Samoa.  Specifically the 'Tatau' or 'Pe'a' for men and the 'Malu' for women.

Discussions around how these were viewed in the past compared to today took some interesting turns! We even got to chat about Roman Reigns and how he calls his tattoos 'tribal'.   Roman Reigns talked about the difference of the pe'a compared to the sleeves that many men wear proudly. 

A general understanding we had is that tattoo in it's many forms mean a whole range of different things for the people who have them.  Here are some reasons we came up with as to why people have tattoos.  The pe'a and malu are dawned today by people who want to serve their community.  The tattoo being a daily reminder for themselves of this.  Again this reason may only held by some not all.

1. Cultural background and connections
2. Family and ancestral connections
3. Cosmetic: it looks good!  Makes me look tough!  Intimidate.   To remember a special event or person
4. To promote a certain status a person has in their community

In our second round of rotations we are trying to re-create the different types of art ourselves.  This picture here shows Room 3 focusing on one part of the tatau or malu to draw.   One of the neat things we've learned is that the Samoan traditional tattoos are made up patterns that use only straight lines.


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I enjoyed reading your post thanks for sharing it,

Kruz @ PES said...

Hey Room 3. I really like the way you looked in the photo. You looked very focused on drawing pe'a, and Malu. Keep it up guys. From Kruz