Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Teacher Talk Room 3 Manaiakalani Film Festival

We hear our teachers talk to us everyday! Here's some teacher saying that the students of Room 3. They also have some messages for the teachers too! Teacher Talk by Room 3. Learn: what I say has impact Create: make a video showing your great ideas of what you could say as a teacher and/or learner Share: post it on your blog - share and show off your great movie to share you ideas!


Naomi P said...

I really liked your movie room 3, Because It was really funny and It was fun to see everyone's point of views towards teachers. There is nothing that I could criticize about your movie room 3. keep up the hard work and keep doing what your doing.

Chrissy Eadie said...

Hi Room 3. Lyall from room 19 would like say to his teacher "all I won't to do is math" and Tawanaa from room 20 says "can we do art all day" Apparently what I say all day is "SPLIT UP, SPLIT UP" Great movie.

RYZE said...

HAHA! JAYDEN! Manning up eh? Nice movie-trailer for all the students from Room 3. Great little interview to each one of yous. Can leave a name at the bottom left of the person talking so other people know who was in the film. Really good job Mrs Tele'a.

Kind Regards
Nytram Salt.

Leilani @ Pt England said...

HI Room 3!
Wow! Loved your movie. Some of the teacher saying that the student said were very funny some are familiar to what my teacher says to me too. I like Sheena's saying where she said in Samoan " Wow! you can talk and still no work done!". Loved how you guys interviewed each student.

Love your movie. Keep up the good work!.

Irene said...

Kia orana ROOM 3 I really enjoyed your movie!!!It was fun to see all the student saying what they want and say what teachers say everyday, and I like the expression in there voices. Keep up the great work Room 3.

Atelea said...

My teacher always says to me I talk to much . Great movie and I saw my brother Vita .

Jasmyne said...

Fakaalofa Lahi Atu,
Wow! I really like your guys movie I really really enjoyed it. My favourite part would have to be when student's were giving advice of what there teacher's always say, really funny. And also Jayde with her great acting.

Keep up the great work

Jasmyne said...

Fakaalofa Lahi Atu,
Wow! I really like your guys movie I really really enjoyed it. My favourite part would have to be when student's were giving advice of what there teacher's always say, really funny. And also Jayde with her great acting.

Keep up the great work

Kelly @ Pt England said...

Hello room 3. I enjoy your movie a lot. I laughed at a lot of answers from the students, I also agree with their answers too. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 3 I Really enjoyed watching your movie. I watched it move then one time, It's funny how people show their feeling about what students say about the teachers. Keep it up with your hard work!

Andrew said...

Hi Room 3 good movie that you guys have created. I really enjoyed that movie. It was really interesting. Keep up the good work Room 3.

Deelani said...

i really liked your movie room 3 that was so amazing

Laina ! said...

Kia Ora room 3,
I really enjoyed watching your film it. I wanted it a bunch of times I probably watched it about five times now an it is was fantastic tok watch.

Migi Siō said...

Talofa lava Room 3!

This made me laugh, great idea! Wonderful film!
Some of your expressions are accurate and have it down packed (Hilarious)
I was laughing out loud with Jayden, Ana, Samoa & Tevita's teacher speech.

'What I want to say' - I laughed deliriously with Leo, Leonardy, Javan, Jayden.

I agree with your teacher William, you always have a delicious lunch!
Beautiful film Room 3.

Mrs Sio

Aaliyah said...

Hi Room 3,
I really liked the things you wanted to say to your teachers, it was very honest and funny.

Good Job!

Mikaela said...

Hi Room 3,

My name is Mikaela and I am a Year 8 student from St Pius X Catholic School. I like your movie and how you told us what your teachers usually always say to you. I think that you guys are right but sometimes as students we have to be respectful and respond nicely. Maybe next time you could show us what happens in the classroom when your teacher talks to you.

Lillyana said...

Talofa lava Room 3 !!!

This was a Funny Film to watch at the Manakalani Film Festival . Let's be honest I really gotta say the things that were said in the movie I have to agree on . What maded you guys come up with this kind of film for you's to create it ????

Amazing Movie ,


Vili said...

Whats up Room 3

I like your movie it is funny and I really enjoyed it

Setaita@St Pius x said...

Hi room 3

My name is Setaita i am a year 8 attending St Pius X Catholic School, I really enjoy your short simple movie. It is true that our teachers always say these stuff. Our teacher sometimes say "come on room 7" and it sometime doesn't help when she tells someone off. But Yes we always love our teachers for teaching us different things every day.

Keep the good work up ya'll !!!

Mrs Bush said...

Hi Room 3,

I could say to you - do you know how hard teachers' work? - look after your teacher, she is pretty precious and we don't want her worn out by the end of the term.
But what I would like to say instead is ' what a proud effort Room 3 - funny, but also so very true.
Now I know what I sometimes sound like- made me think what it sounds like from a student s point of view.
And well done Laura - I am really proud of your effort

Miss T.A said...

Malo Room 3.

What a hilariously honest movie! I loved the line..."Are you here to get married?" Some of the things you want to say to your teachers are kind, do you think you will gain the courage to say them before the end of the year?

Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts. Great job!

Taunese said...

Hi Room 3,

My name is Taunese Leitufia a year 10 student attending Tamaki College. Really love the effort from each individual in the film!! It's so sad your movie wasn't shown when the year 9s and 10s from Tamaki went to the theater. I'm sure they would've enjoyed it and had a good laugh. And I'm pretty sure some of those teachers sayings would've been picked up by the EX-PES students now attending Tamaki in my year.
I'm sure the "Are you here to get married?" line is from Mrs Tele'a right?

Continue to make amazing movies and continue to love your teachers because they are the best!!

God Bless you Room 3 and Mrs Tele'a!

Mr Vogt said...

Kia ora Room 3,
I loved this movie! It has to be one of my favourites from the whole festival. It seems at first like a simple idea but it's a movie you can watch over and over again and still have a good laugh.
What I liked most about it though is the high level of trust and respect you have for your teachers and each other, being so honest with your answers,( and your eyebrows!)
What I would like to say is "Hey! Remember, I can still see you with my metaphorical eye in the back of my head..."
Ngā mihi,
Mr Vogt

Joyce Toleafoa-Salu said...

This is such a great movie Room 3! We really enjoyed watching it and we had a good laugh. It was wonderful seeing you all! All the best with the final weeks of school for the year. Keep being amazing. Alofa tele atu from Mrs. Salu and Room 4D of Emirates National School in the United Arab Emirates.

Tatia (Tia) said...

Kia ora Room 3
my name is Tia i really enjoyed your video and how you were talking about what your teachers say , it's really funny to react to the year eight's saying what they think there teachers say my favourite part of your guys video was when someone made that really funny face . i look forward to watch more of your manaiakaiani great job room 3

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Bella and a few days a go i watch your funny as movie me and my class always laugh sometimes we comment like me and u should. always listen to your teachers and give them positive reply thanks.

Mia said...

Hi my name is Mia and I really like your movie. My favourite is when that boy does that eyebrow thing it is so! funny from Mia.

Kolopa said...

Hello room 3

I really like it how you guys are talking about what your teachers always say and what you wish for them to say to you. It is actually a nice movie. That is my favourite movie out of the senior movies. Keep it up.

What do you like about your movie?

Zaeeda said...

Dear Room 3

I love love love your movie it is really funny! This reminds me of the movie one senior class did last year it was so funny and I really like the how everything that wassaid about your teacher sounds great I am really excited to come to team 5 next year!

From Zaeeda

Summer said...

Talofa Room 3 I really like your movie
its cool and funny because of how its students that say
what their teachers say and I also find it weird how they are
saying what the teachers say to them
well done! :)

Jerry said...

hi i like your move and your move buts than my 1 and 9

Jasmine said...

hi my name is jasmine and i am in room 10. I like your guys movie because it was funny what room 3 studest say what there teacher says prepears me for when i am in that class.

Teao@PES said...

I my name is Te Ao I liked your guy`s movie about what the
teacher`s say`s to all of the boy and girl your guy`s movie so amazing
that we comment it down were the last one we like to well done you guy`s for your idea`s