Sunday, February 2, 2020

Kia mau tonu te tūmanako (Never lose HOPE)

Nau mai haere mai ki 2020!   A very warm welcome to our tamariki and all their whanau to the kick off of 2020!   Kia pai te kotahi!  It's better together has been a tag line for us to support our children in the past years.  We continue to practice this with the addition of our new value for 2020.

This is 'Kia mau tonu te tūmanako - never lose hope'.

We look forward to 2020 in Team 5 and especially in Room 3.  We will set goals and work together step by step to achieve them.  Where there will be challenges in our learning or our paths...we are going to learn to never lose hope and try out different ways of pushing through and achieving!

Visit our page often to find out what Team 3 gets up this year. 

Ia manuia lava le tatou alo atu e galuega ae maise a'oa'oga o le fanau.

Le Atua i lo tatou Va.

Mrs Andrea Bakulich Tele'a & Whaea Kelly Tipene

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