Friday, July 30, 2021

Blog post of the week! Falefitu Laulu visits Pt England School


Falefitu Laulu Surprise Visit !

Today we got surprised by Falefitu Tony Laulu, an author who writes relatable and more real books about our islander culture. He came to deliver us some books that our teacher ordered.
He showed us his amazing books about Pasifika culture in particular Samoan. It shows what it really is like in the world now. His amazing books included the English and Samoan versions. The book that I like the most is ' O au o le Samoa ' which is about this boy who thinks he doesn't know much about his culture. The story goes on to expalin that culture is not just about the way you speak - the language, it's the way you represent yourself to others.

He chose the characters to be his own sons which is neat! He thinks that most books now aren’t  about Pasifika Culture and so he wants to show what it's really like for some of us. He had this incredible idea to add in his own family and friends to the story. Some in the names, labels on t-shirts, signs on buildings etc. He also shared what his point of view about what ‘ REPRESENTING ‘ is.

We would like to say a big thank you to Falefitu for coming out all the way to drop of your amazing books that tell some of our Pasifika culture. Pt England School can't wait to read heaps of your books, and we’re all going to enjoy it. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Malo aupito!

Go here to see his books!

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Anonymous said...

Hey room 5! I am studying a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning at the University of Canterbury. We were looking at different ways we could make literacy fun for students when we become teachers and I really enjoyed reading about your surprise visit!