Friday, March 27, 2020

Student post of the week: Day One - how's it going by Jahzara

Congratulations to Jahzara of Room 3!  This weeks blog post of the week for Room 3!
Please visit her blog here to read more of her writing.   Malo aupito Jahzara!

I started my morning with a light breakfast and waited for time to pass by, 8:30 hit and I read our daily timetable. I said the school karakia and sang a little hymn. Then got straight into work. I had a little look at our reading work and waited for 9:00am to pass so I could request to join the hangout with Miss Tapuke. Finally I was able to join! Miss Tapuke explained our what our tasks were for the week. She then gave us time to ask our questions. After that we all said our goodbye's and set off to work. I read our group story again so I could have a better understanding of the story. Our story was called 'Moriori: A Story Of Survival.

I answered a few of the questions and well it was time to watch PENN. But because I was at home and no one was at school, there was no PENN. So I decided to watch something off our school Archives. I then had a little snack for morning tea and had a little break then did the bingo sheet Mrs Tele'a handed us. Later on I did some of my maths work. Had a flick through the presentation and answered a few of the questions. 12:20pm came around and it was time to call Mrs Stone about our maths work.

She explained our tasks just like Miss Tapuke did! We did a small workshop with each other, answering a few of the questions together and showing each other strategies of solving them. The call with Mrs stone and room 11 maths class was a bit Tragic. It was really noisy! But it was still a lot of fun :) Mrs stone then removed us from the call and again, we did our work.

It was then lunch time! I had a pie! It was amazing :) I had a little play outside on our trampoline and also played around with my younger sister Eva. 2:00 hit and it was the end of my lunch break :) It was time to do some home class learning. Usually we do FIOP (finish it off properly), Blog commenting or our inquiry work which is Te Whare Tapa Wha. So I decided to do FIOP. I eventually got to finish some work off and finally it was 3:00pm which means school was officially over!

I had an amazing day, I'm still not used to learning at home but I'll have to get used to it eventually.

Stay safe everybody and hope you had an amazing day! God bless you all xox

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