Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Taha Challenge no.1 - Tahi.

Kia Ora tamariki and whanau!
Here's my Taha Challenge - completing 10 press ups to help me build up Taha Tinana of my Whare Tapawhā!
I was keen to give this a go because I needed to AND in the hope that it will encourage others in Team 5 to build up their Taha Tinana too!  Let's go Team 5 students and teachers - the Taha challenge is on!


Mrs Flavelle said...

Go Mrs Tele'a!

Toni Nua said...

Wow - that's impressive Mrs Tele'a ...Wero on!

Mrs Bush said...

Well done Mrs Telea. I hope those big boys of yours are also keeping fit.
My challenge is to go for a walk each day and so far I have done that.
Sometimes it has not been that far but at least I am keep to it
So thanks for the challenge.

Mrs Bush

Angel Ana said...

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