Friday, June 5, 2020

Taha wairua - why do we?? A message from Kohatu, Arthur and Jezakaia

Why do we do Mihi, Karakia and Himene

Today Mrs Tele's challenged us as to why we have to d oout mihi, karakia and himene.
We pray because we always have to praise the lord for giving us another chance.
We do our mihi because it makes us think about our ancestors and family and its wakes our body and brain.
We do a Himene because it helps us to not sing to our toes it helps us to sing up and not be shy to sing and to stand up in front of lots of people.
These are a list of some of my class answered to Mrs Tele's challenge
*Connect to god, greater power ssource
*Connect- remember our ancestors, whanau
*kwon where we are from
*Build confidence to speak and represent ourselves and whanau
*To be ready for our day / future of learning

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