Monday, June 29, 2020

Matariki Manaakitanga - it's a new year celebration!

This post is shared with by Zoe. She shares about our school celebration of Matariki. Our school mixed across levels to have a whole day to celebrate this important time of the year. Go here to read more from Zoe.

Last week on Friday we had a Matariki celebration. Matariki presents the 7 sisters or the 7 stars. In Matariki you will be able to see the 7 stars. They are so special. Matariki is all about spending time with your Whanau ( family ). It is important because it's the time of celebrating Maori new year.

The Maori legend talks about 7 starts that needed a role. A job, here are the 7 stars names
1. Matariki
2. Waitī
3. Waitā
4. Waipuna-ā-rangi
5. Tupu-ā-nuku
7. Ururangi,

My highlight from Friday was when Leylani and I baked the cupcakes and we learnt it so fast and made a lot of cupcakes. My other highlight was when we had to make the stars with the paper to decorate our tables. It was confusing at first and then I made more and I even made some during lunch on Friday. My biggest highlight was the whole day it was so fun, we had a lot of fun making the food and it was just a great time on Friday.

Should New Zealand celebrate this? Why?For me I think New Zealand should celebrate this because its a special thing to Maoris and even if we aren't Maoris we should celebrate it with them to get to know Maori culture more, as New Zealanders we should celebrate this it's about our land and people!

Little message to Mrs Tele'a: First I will like to thank Mrs Tele'a for preparing this for us we had a great time with you and I will also like to thank you for teaching me and Leylani to bake the cupcakes. Without your great idea we wouldn't had have the great time on Friday and I thank you for everything you did for us on Friday.

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