Thursday, July 16, 2020

Winter Learning Journey star! Hannah of Room 3

Winter Learning Journey: Poster
Week 1, Activity 5
Kia ora, Malo e lelei, Talofa Lava, Greetings to all and Welcome back to my blog. Today I'll be blogging to you, the last activity of my Winter learning Journey for WEEK 1. There will be more winter learning journey blog posts next week for WEEK 2, now back to my last WLJ activity for week 1. 

Task: Create a poster that shows 3 key quotes you have heard your parents/whanau say since your return to school in level 2. They must be quotes/sayings that you find helpful from your whanau. After that post on your blog with a written explanation for each quote.


"Make sure to wash your hands before eating dinner!" by Mum - My mum always uses this quote to me and my siblings before we start eating our dinner because it's helpful for us to remember to stay clean by washing our hands just in case we have any germs and that we don't spread it to others.

"If you feel sick, stay home and don't go to school!" by Nana- 
My Nana always uses this quote to my little sister and cousin because they always got the flu or cold some days during school at level 2. So whenever she sees them cough a lot of have a really runny nose, she gives them this ginger medicine drink, puts them back into bed and tells them to stay home. She also does this with me and my other siblings sometimes.

"Sleep early for school!" - Nana and Mum
Both my Nana and Mum tells us these 4 words whenever it's a school night, they don't like us staying up long when it's a school night because they both know that when we sleep late, we won't get enough sleep and that would lead up to us  waking up very late and getting all cranky and tired for school the next day. If they catch us on our electronic devices they usually take it off us and give them back to us the next day.

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