Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Matariki Celebrations by Hannah of Room 3

Matariki Day Recap

Matariki Day!!!

Kia Ora blog readers and welcome back to my blog, today I will be recapping to you what we did at our Whole School's Matariki Day Celebration we do every year at Pt England School, first let me tell you what Matariki Day is all about.
Matariki celebrates and signals the beginning of Maori New Year, on that day seven stars appear in the sky, these stars are called the seven sisters.Their real names are called: Tupu-a-nuku, Tupu-a-rangi, Waiti, Waita, Waipunarangi, Ururangi and Matariki. Matariki is a big celebration of people, culture, language, spirituality and history, this celebration brings many family and friends together as one.

At our Matariki celebration at Pt England School we all were splitted into different groups, and they were Cooking, Arts and Craft, Sports and lastly Movie making (Entertainment). We were splitted into these 4 groups not only to have fun but learn the different ways we can express Matariki based on the activities we had. The group I was put into was Arts and Crafts which was actually cool because I like being creative in many ways. My highlight of Matariki was when we were drawing the patterns on our 7 stars and my table of friends I sat with were laughing and giggling when we got marker on our faces and our designs were very funny. My second highlight is learning more stuff about what Matariki is really about, I now have more knowledge of what it is.

In my opinion I think that NZ must celebrate this because if you are new to Matariki, you will learn what it is actually about and the interesting story behind it and this festive celebration will bring everyone together and celebrate Maori New 
Year. Have you celebrated MATARIKI DAY yet?
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