Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Back to school. After the FIRST lockdown

 Talofa to our friends and families!  Lockdown a second time around has had us reflecting on our Bubble life yet again. 

This is a movie Room 3 captured to share their reflections of our first lockdown.  What has changed for you this time around?  What has again become very clear about the importance of our whanau?


kade said...

hi my name is kade from pompallier school in kaitaia i like you vid hi hope you can make more have a good day.

Micheal said...

Kia ora my name is Micheal from Pompallier Catholic School I really like your video and your blog back to school. After the First lockdown. How was your first lockdown did you enjoy it or not.
Great job keep it up

huatau said...

Hello it's Huatau here and i'm a year 7 at Pompallier catholic school i saw the work that you posted and i really like the way you guys do your videos i've been looking through most of the videos that you post and i'm really amazed how you do and create your blog post so keep up the great work.